The Game of Concentration

Concentration is a game that tests your memory skills. Six pairs of photos are hidden behind a dozen squares. When you first select a square its photo will be revealed, with a question mark over it. Try to find its match with your next click. If successful, that pair will remain unveiled. If not a match, your next click will both cover up your guesses, and unveil the first of your next guesses.

The goal is to unveil all 6 pairs of photos using the smalled number of guesses. 6 is the minimum score, if you are very lucky.

There are four groups of photos: equestrian statues, neon signs, scenes of Washington, D.C., and the Washington Metro. Each new game will use a new theme.

Playing with Flickr

Use the game to discover photos on Flickr. Describe which photos to look for (blank fields match all):

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To read more about this game, see JavaScript Concentration Game and Game-ifying Flickr via Concentration. You might also enjoy playing Mastermind and Hangman.