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Yelp MapperI’m testing using the Yelp API to populate a custom map, powered by the Google Maps API. The program is the Yelp Mapper. It’s a full-screen map that lets you show markers for businesses and such. The field in the lower-left-hand corner lets you enter any description of a place. This goes to the Google geocoding API, which determines where to move the map to. State codes and ZIP codes work well here.

The next field lets you search for Yelp entries. The search is matched against the business name, category, and user comments. Every search you make is layered on top of the previous matches, unless you hit the clear button.

The goal of the program is to create a version of the bike-shops map which gets its data dynamically. (See Updating the Bike Shops Map.) This version is much more powerful because both the location and the subject are dynamically chosen by the user. However, the tradeoff is that you lose some precision. You’ll find the Yelp searches turn up a lot of unintended results. It’s nice to have a curated map, but impractical to scale up for a larger audience. » Continue Reading…

Mashup of Yelp and Google Maps