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big wordsIf you’ve ever been moderating a presentation and need a way to quickly throw up a big message on the screen, here is the online tool you need. Echo is a super-simple program that takes a word or short phrase and builds a web page with nothing but your text, sized to fill the screen.

To use it, just enter your text at the end of the URL, like:

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When I take screen shots of web applications, I like to be able to control the aspect ratio, typically 3:2. It’s tough to judge pixel lengths by eye. So, I created a little utility called Browser Sizer that lets you control how big the window should be.

You can specify either the pixel dimensions or just a ratio. Another option lets you choose pixel dimensions from a list of popular mobile devices. You can still try to eyeball the best size, then grab settings from the current window.

The ratio option lets you enter your desired aspect ratio (or grab the current window’s ratio). To convert the ratio to width and height in pixels, you have three options: you can shrink or enlarge the current window size until it fits the desired ratio, or select “maximum” to have it fit the screen’s available space. » Continue Reading…