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Hundreds of “transit nerds” shared ideas last weekend, as Transportation Camp made a welcome return to the Washington region. Last year’s event introduced me to the concept of an “unconference,” where the attendees themselves generate the subjects for the presentations, which they present amongst themselves. Some attendees worked for government agencies, others were affiliated with universities, businesses, or organizations that advocate for transportation customers.

Transportation Camp 2013
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Discussion in the RoundI attended my first “unconference” this weekend at Transportation Camp, which came for the first time to Washington, DC. The conference was for anyone interested in urban transportation and technology.

The “unconference” aspect meant that the attendees themselves created the presentations. Anyone interested in leading a session wrote their proposal on a large fluorescent sticky note. The camp leaders then culled the proposals and organized them into four time slots. Presenters with similar content were encouraged to merge their sessions together. The choices were presented on a large grid, referred to as “The Board.”

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