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twomapsWhen you visualize geographic data, it helps to have a map for a background. To coordinate the map to your data, you need the latitudes and longitudes of the map’s boundaries. And to maximize the space, the map should be padded in only one direction, to make your boundaries fit the shape of the image. There are a few obstacles with getting the perfect map. To make it easier to find the perfect map, I’ve created a tool you can use to specify the perfect bounding box and image size.

I want to be able to specify two things:

  • The bounding box (north, south, east, west)
  • The image size (width and height, in pixels)

In addition to getting a map in return, I also need to know what the result’s bounding box is. It will probably be bigger than what I requested, unless the image size has the exact same ratio as my bounding box. That’s highly unlikely. To avoid stretching either the latitudes or longitudes, I need to add padding to either the left and right, or the top and bottom. Once the padding is added, the bounding box will grow either horizontally or vertically. » Continue Reading…

Made-to-Order Mapmaking