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LetterballHere’s a new game your kids might enjoy. Letterball tests your skill at re-arranging letters in the right order to spell a word. The words are the names of commonly-known animals (there are 32 different animals). Click on the balls to spell the word left-to-right. You can undo a guess by clicking on it again.

The program is written in JavaScript. I had been studying D3, which led me to SVG, which led me back to the canvas element. The program was meant to be just a quick demo project of animation using the canvas element, but I wanted the letters to behave like billiard balls, and soon I was studying equations for conservation of energy, conservation of linear momentum, conservation of angular momentum, and brushing up on my trigonometry.

The game is my own invention, a bit like an animated hangman game. Try playing Letterball and let me know what you think.