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It’s been said that Halloween is Christmas for gay people. I’d further suggest that the annual High Heel Race is NASCAR for gay people. This year was the 26th annual drag race, delayed two days due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Only a few blocks long, the race itself is over in minutes, running down 17th Street from R Street to P Street. The show begins two to three hours beforehand as the drag queens parade up and down the street. After the race, the crowds flood the street, vying for photo ops with their favorite drag queens and other costumed characters. Below are photos of my favorite moments.

Extreme Arts & Crafts
f/6.3, 1/40, 6400 ISO, 50 mm
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The Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon came through Dupont Circle this weekend, with thousands of runners, and a new name (last year it was branded as the SunTrust Marathon). I stood by the Connecticut Ave overpass to take a few shots of the athletes as they ran past. It was a warm morning in Washington, DC. A few runners wore green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, and a few other costumes, such as the Flash, below.

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Groundhog Day was given a new local tradition in Washington, DC, with a ceremony held in Dupont Circle. The folks behind Dupont Festival got elected officials to don top hats on a misty winter morning, gathering around a stuffed groundhog donated by Miss Pixie’s. For good measure there was also a groundhog puppet nearby. Council member Jacks Evens mysteriously declared “Potomac Phil” had seen his shadow, dooming us to six more weeks of winter, though I swear there were no shadows to be seen, as the photos can attest.

Glamourous Life

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Yoga ShopFormer spa now Tranquil Space Labs (1632 17th St): Crafty Use of Yoga Studio Tranquil Space Labs plans to provide a new home for off-the-mat and off-the-wall ideas.

Bethesda Bagels now open in former Johnny Rockets (1718 Connecticut Ave).

Deli coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave next summer: DGS Delicatessen to Open in Dupont Circle.

Irish Whiskey Public House coming to 1807 19th St: Irish Whiskey Set to Open in Dupont in Early January.

That was Fast – Cosi Reopens in Dupont (1350 Connecticut Ave).

Rubble in the CongoState Department To Republic Of Congo: Rip Up Embassy Driveway; Embassy complied: Neighborhood concrete problems get fixed, Fixing Up Embassy, Congo Republic Raises Hackles in Capital.

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Dupont Circle Roundup: Dec 22, 2011

This was my costume for the annual event in Dupont Circle:
All for One, and One for All

An Officer and a Monument

Power Couple

Mr Photographer