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Mastermind is a simple code-breaking game that’s educational and fun. I grew up playing the Hasbro game, where one person configures the code and the other tries to solve it. The tight logic and scoring algorithms make it a good fit for programming projects.

For this version, I wanted the design to scale to both a desktop and a mobile device. An old program I had written put the output in a table, but as I played with dynamic scaling, it dawned on me that the table structure wasn’t adding much value. Design purists famously hate tables used to control layout. I’m no purist, but this seemed a good time to dive into using CSS and JavaScript to manage the output.

Each element in the game exists in a div tag with an ID. There are two CSS properties I set universally in the internal style sheet: » Continue Reading…

I needed to find a good design for the WordPress blog banner. I don’t have any fancy graphics software, so I wanted it to be simple and text-based. Using text instead of images is preferred because it’s

  • better for search engines
  • better for people using assisted-reading devices
  • easier to edit
  • faster to download

The “web safe” fonts are too ubiquitous and boring, but using other fonts is risky because you can’t be sure they will render. » Continue Reading…

Using Google Fonts