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You may visit Aspen, Colorado to go skiing, but how do you get around when visiting in the summer? We-Cycle has introduced bikesharing to this mountain town, giving residents and tourists a new option for getting around. They recently shared some trip history data with me, letting me create this short animation of how cyclists travel between the 13 stations.

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Bikesharing at a Ski Resort

Hidden in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is one of the coolest places in the universe. The Manitou Arcade is a step back in time, when people plunked down coins to play mechanical games of chance and skill. Formally known as Arcade Amusements, Inc, the arcade has hundreds of old games scattered among a few connected buildings in Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado Springs. It feels like a boardwalk amusement park, without the beach.

Amusements Inside
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Cheap Thrills at the Manitou Arcade

When you visit Manitou Springs, bring a cup. You’ll want to taste all the natural mineral springs you discover as you explore this quaint little town. The artesian waters are naturally effervescent. Each spring has its own signature mix of minerals, but they are all very strong. The high mineral content is distasteful to many. A century ago, people flocked to the springs as cures for their ailments. Many still believe in the health benefits of these waters.

The Mineral Springs Foundation has been repairing the old fonts over the years, updating them with sculptural elements. Here’s a tour of the eleven major mineral springs in Manitou Springs.

Saratoga of the West
Wheeler Spring
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Mineral Water from Manitou Springs