Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I added a new romantic theme for the JavaScript Hangman game, Cupid’s Hangman, where the puzzles celebrate the holiday. You’ll discover an assortment of quotations appropriate for Saint Valentine. Hint: try guessing the letters L O V E.

At the same time I’m launching a new feature letting you choose your own puzzle. Starting at the About page, you can enter a word or phrase and select the theme to go with it. The theme determines the puzzles that will be played after your custom puzzle, and some themes have their own color scheme (like Metro and Cupid’s).

The puzzle is encrypted into the URL, so you can link to it in an email without giving away the answer. Here are some samples, inspired by the Necco “Sweethearts” candy hearts with messages stamped on them:

Another method lets you enter custom puzzles directly into the URL, without encryption. Instead of the “secret” parameter, use the “phrase” parameter:

The “phrase” parameter will be removed from URL once the pages loads, if your browser supports HTML5. Most browsers will let you type spaces directly into the address field, converting to “%20” codes automatically.

The original post about this game was Creating Hangman in JavaScript. Have fun playing Cupid’s Hangman!

Custom Hangman Puzzles for Valentine’s

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