Game-ification is the process of turning public data or user-generated content into a game. As a heavy user of Flickr, I’ve been interested in different ways to discover and play with their rich repository of photographic content.

Earlier this month I wrote a JavaScript Concentration Game. By default it uses pre-determined photos from my own Flickr collection. But now you can start at the “about” page and plug in the name of a Flickr user or group, or find photos by searching the text or tags. (Try it here.)

Clicking on a photo brings the title and owner to the top of the screen, which you can click to open the original Flickr page in a new window. At the end of a game, you have the option of playing with the same photos, or drawing the next “page” of photos using the same search criteria.

Game-ification both makes playing Concentration more interesting and adds a fun new way to explore Flickr.

Game-ifying Flickr via Concentration

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