The word best is hopelessly subjective, so it’s nice to lean on a cold, impersonal algorithm like Flickr’s interestingness, a ranking derived from views, faves, and comments (the formula itself is of course subjective, but at least it’s applied uniformly).

My app for the best photos of 2011 does a separate search for each month, letting you pick how many photos to display for each month. For most of the links below I’m showing 12 per month, but you can easily edit the URL to change that, or use the Configuration Panel.

The fun comes in selecting how to narrow down which photos to review. You can select users:

or groups:

or tags

or select a geographic area using WOE codes

You can combine parameters. For example:

The program is a variation of the ShowPix app (see Using “Where on Earth” Codes in Flickr). The ShowPix app can also be used to find the best photos of the year, using the date parameters, such as:

My use of the Flickr API is limited to 3,600 queries per hour (according to The Flickr Developer Guide). My hosting service (Bluehost) might also complain if too many folks use this app. So, be patient if the results don’t show.

The Best Photos of 2011

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