Four Metro stations are scheduled to get solicitations for redevelopment this year, as reported by the Washington Business Journal. I used my Metro Places app to take a look at how much transit-oriented development they currently have. The app works by querying the Google Places API to discover businesses within a certain range of Metro stations. I used it to search for gyms, banks, clothing stores, and grocery stores within a radius of 1,000 meters, as a sample of what might be available. The four stations are Forest Glen, West Hyattsville, Braddock Road, and Largo Town Center.

Forest Glen and West Hyattsville are somewhat near each other, albeit in separate counties. The heat map below shows Forest Glen has less nearby development then its neighboring stations. West Hyattsville appears on the edge of an area shared with Prince George’s Plaza, but could benefit from places closer to the station.

The heat map around the Braddock Road station shows a ring of businesses around it, but gaps in the closer-in areas. The parts of Old Town Alexandria near the Metro stations seem to have a lot of retail options. (Of course, when I ran the app I looked at only four types of places.)

The Largo Town Center station seems to be already well-served by retail options. But one stop away, Morgan Blvd clearly needs more transit-accessible retail developments.

You can see more examples of heat maps showing retail densities near Metro stations on my Mobility Lab post, Which Metro Line Best Connects You to Shops and Restaurants? You can read more about the program at Washington via WMATA. Or, just dive into the Metro Places app and start playing with it and make your own heat maps.

Metro Stations Ripe for Development

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