You may visit Aspen, Colorado to go skiing, but how do you get around when visiting in the summer? We-Cycle has introduced bikesharing to this mountain town, giving residents and tourists a new option for getting around. They recently shared some trip history data with me, letting me create this short animation of how cyclists travel between the 13 stations.

The data is from a two-week period, June 23 to July 6, 2014. All 14 days are overlaid onto the same 24-hour period, from midnight to midnight. I sampled the data every 90 seconds. The animation uses 30 frames per second, so the day goes by pretty quickly. A histogram in the upper-right-hand corner records how many bikes are in use at the moment. I didn’t include bike trips that took over 90 minutes.

I created this animation using the same process as the Neighborhood CaBi Animations. The data was given to me as an Excel spreadsheet, which I opened in Google Docs and converted to a CSV file. Then I wrote a Java program in Processing. The program loops through each time slice, and then checks all 2,394 trips to see which took place during that time, and then interpolates the position. A separate image is output for each frame. Processing comes with a MovieMaker tool which assembles a folder of images into a QuickTime movie.

Bikesharing at a Ski Resort

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