If you’re a total transit nerd, this will be exciting. To prepare for a bus-themed event for the Transportation Techies meetup group, we’re making public APC data sets. That’s automated passenger counter; electronic devices that measure people boarding and alighting. We’re sharing it in hopes that local programmers will use it to create visualizations of how people use the bus.

2013-09 Raw Stop Data.xlsx is from Arlington Transit. It has 12 columns and 20,460 rows (1.2MB). The data is for weekdays in September 2013. I’ve created a CSV version, 2013-09 Raw Stop Data.csv. Here’s what 3 sample rows looks like:

1,   00015002,1095,  74,    1,   0553,  007401, COLUMBIA PIKE EB S COURTH,0,  0,   62,    4
1,   00015004,2120,  84,    0,   1810,  008410, S QUINCY STREET SB 19TH S,0.3,0.1, 361,   8
1,   00015005,1060,  84,    1,   0651,  008402, 19TH STREET S EB S NELSON,0.6,0,   75,    12

You can join some of the data to their GTFS data, available on their Tools for Developers page. The AQSTOPA column matches the stop_code column in the GTFS stops.txt file, if you remove the leading zeroes. The stop’s name corresponds to the ANAMSTP column in the APC data and the stop_name column in the stops.txt file, but the latter has room for more characters and is in mixed-case. The ASTOPA column seems to be another name for the AQSTOPA column, but doesn’t seem to match anything in the GTFS data. The AROUTE column matches the route_short_name column in the GTFS stops.txt file (minus the quotes). ADIR is either 0 or 1. ABLOCKA is related to AROUTE, but I’m not sure how to determine what the last two digits mean. The last four columns are:

  • AON – average daily boardings
  • AOFF – average daily alightings
  • ADELTA – average distance from lat/long for the stop in database that the bus stopped and opened doors
  • NSAMPLES – number of samples during the month that the line of data is based upon

I also have a passenger survey from ART: Origin Destination Pairs_Clean_Revised.xlsx. I used the data in my Trip Visualizer, and you can see another mapping in Arlington Transit (ART) Ridership Study 2013.

busstate06361131230.txt is from WMATA. It has 96 columns and 5,270 rows (1.7MB). The key fields are STOP_BACK_DOOR_ENTRY, STOP_FRONT_DOOR_ENTRY, STOP_FRONT_DOOR_EXIT, and STOP_BACK_DOOR_EXIT.

If you can find a way to visualize the data inside these files, please let me know!

APC Data for Washington and Arlington

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