visualizerThe Trip Visualizer has been updated with new data for Capital Bikeshare. Instead of just posting the new quarter, I made all of 2013 a single data set. That’s over two-and-a-half million trips (2,585,010 bikeouts) using 309 stations, summarized into a big origin-destination table.

Montgomery County joined the network in late September, introducing bikesharing to four regions in Maryland: Rockville, Bethesda/Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, and Takoma Park. 73% of bikeouts from Maryland went to other stations in Maryland, with 26% headed to DC. Just under 0.5% (21 trips out of 4,675) went from Maryland to Virginia. The fastest Maryland-to-Virginia ride took 33 minutes, from Friendship Heights Metro to Rosslyn Metro, a trip that takes 27 minutes on Metro. The longest MD/VA trip was 1 hour and 48 minutes, when someone biked from Crystal City Metro to Battery Lane in Silver Spring.

The Trip Visualizer lets you select a single station to see the most-significant trips to/from that station. You can use some hidden features to select clusters of stations, to examine networks. Hitting “M” will select all stations in Maryland. You can see how isolated Rockville is, with its closest station to Bethesda still over five miles away.

I used the Trip Visualizer to see if Silver Spring and Takoma Park formed a single network. You can select a custom group two ways: hit “1” to select all stations in the viewport, or “2” to move around a circle selector.


Silver Spring and Takoma Park share some traffic, but are distinct regions. But I saw enough lines heading into DC that I investigated further. Selecting only the four Takoma Park stations, I got this heat map:


There are more people going between Takoma Park and the station closest to the Columbia Heights Metro station than the Silver Spring Metro Station (56 vs 33, with 19 trips to/from the Petworth Metro station). There isn’t yet a CaBi station by the Takoma Metro station in DC. I suspect the Columbia Heights trips are more for shopping and entertainment than a shortcut to getting on Metro.

The Rockville region, seen above, is clearly centered around getting to and from the Rockville Metro station.


The Bethesda/Chevy Chase cluster has an unusual flow of traffic to Georgetown. I’m going to guess most cyclists take the Capital Crescent Trail rather than busy and narrow Wisconsin Ave. (We don’t have GPS data for CaBi trips, so there’s no way to know which route riders took.)

The above chart shows daily ridership levels for the Montgomery County CaBi stations, from September 27 to December 31, 2013. The ridership grew until winter set in. It will be interesting to see how Marylanders take to the system as spring returns.

Try experimenting with the Trip Visualizer and see what else you can discover.

CaBi Comes to Montgomery County

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