Strava ExplorerThe Strava Explorer has been beefed up to not only reveal more information from Strava’s database, but to include street-view images from Google.

The first step is to get Strava’s top segments for geographic area. You can either use geolocation, or include a coordinate in the URL, like ?home=40.78,-73.97. Or you can just pan and zoom the map, or enter place names in the input field, then hit the “find segments” button.

Each segment is shown in red, with the name written by the starting point. Clicking on the name will bring up further information. A menu lets you choose between the leaderboard or “stats and streetviews,” or both. The leaderboard will show the names of the people with the top ten times (shown in the right-hand column). As you hover over a person’s name, their photo will be displayed, if available. Hovering over the table’s heading will pop up the “stats and streetviews” information, if it isn’t already on-screen. The “stats and streetviews” area displays more information about the selected segment. Additionally it will display streetview images from Google Maps. Use the menu to control how many images to display: either just the starting point, or also the ending point, or also the one-third and two-thirds mid-points, or all points. Points are determined by how to draw the route; they are not distributed to mark distance. Thus, a straight route will have fewer points than a curved route. As you hover over an image a marker will appear on the map showing the place and heading of the street view. Another option lets you animate all the images together, creating a flip-book impression of the route.

The street-view images are found by looking for a nearby image; it won’t necessarily be the same spot as the Strava trail, since the images are typically taken from cars on roads. Trails that are far from roads probably won’t have any images. Because the Google Street View Image API has a usage limit of 25,000 street-view image requests per 24-hour period, sometimes the images might not be available.

You can read about the previous version of this program at Testing the New Version of the Strava API.

Mashing Strava’s Developer API with the Google Street View Image API gives you a new functionality not provided by either company. Use Strava Explorer to discover new segments.

Mashing Up the Strava API

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