Activity DisplayHere’s another way to analyze trip history data from Capital Bikeshare. Back in March, I had used Processing to create QuickTime animations that I uploaded to YouTube (see Neighborhood CaBi Animations). But I wanted a tool that let the user control the flow of time, as well as how to customize the display. A few weeks ago, I created a tool to do this for Metro (see A Day of Metro, Entries and Exits). Now you can use the same tool to show CaBi data: go to the Activity Display home page to select which data set to use, or add ?system=cabi to the URL to go straight to the CaBi display.

I show data in 5-minute increments for Saturday, September 14, 2013. That day was the busiest day in the 3rd quarter, with 84,8755 trips made in a single day, using the system’s 243 stations. (Today the system has 300 stations.)

This is now the third tool in my collection of data visualization programs. The Stat Mapper shows collections of single points; the Trip Visualizer is meant for displaying point-to-point data; and now the Activity Mapper is for chronological data. Over time I hope to add new data sets as well as new features.

Animating a Day of CaBi Data

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