One of Washington, DC’s oddest Halloween traditions, the annual Miss Adams Morgan Pageant brings a cavalcade of drag queens to the Washington Hilton ballroom. The show is hilarious and goofy, but the audience competes for the most outrageous costumes, making intermission just as entertaining as the pageant itself.

The lobby is packed with contestants, their supporters, and various attendees dressed to kill. Here are some photos from the event:

Ab Fab: Patsy and Edina

Adam and Eve with Russian Drag Queens

He-Man and an Angel

Sierra Braxton with Mario and Luigi

Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Cave Men with a Drag Queen

Thing One and Thing Two with a Winter Spirit

The show begins with performances from previous pageant winners, and the parade of states, where contestants wear costumes representing their home states.



Miss Puerto Rico, Juana Seymour

Miss Massachusetts, Janice C Kwa

Miss District of Columbia, Hilda Seaview

Miss California, Dumplin’ Honeychild

Then each of the ten contestants got to put on a big solo number. Creativity and kookiness are de rigueur.

Miss California, Dumplin’ Honeychild

Miss Connecticut, Athena Ducockis

During the second intermission, the audience votes for their favorites. The next act has previous title-holders perform, followed by the crowning of the new queen.

Bella de Balls

Diondra, Miss Adams Morgan 2013

LaVita Dolce, Miss Adams Morgan 2014

Marquis de Sade and Candi Dish

For more photos, see the mamp2013 tag.

For photos from last year, see Insanity Reigns Supreme at Drag Pageant.

Miss Adams Morgan XXVI: Sinners & Saints

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