displayInspired by the Apple TV screen saver, I created a way to display photos from Flickr on a web page. The display has three planes of photos to create a three-dimensional illusion, with fast-moving large images in front and slow-moving small images in back.

The Scrolling Display program is at mvjantzen.com/flickr/display.html. You can choose photos by selecting a user, a tag, or a set. You can also combine a user with a tag. After clicking “display photos”, you’ll see your options in the URL, and in fact you can edit the URL directly to modify your options, or use the link to share, such as mvjantzen.com/flickr/display.html?tags=transpocamp2013.

Coding the Program

The program is written in JavaScript, using AJAX to call a PHP script which fetches the Flickr data. I’ve written a lot of other programs to just display Flickr photos (such as the Photo Album), but this structure is an improvement. It’s hard to write a PHP program that creates an HTML page; it’s much better to use server-side PHP to just deliver data, and let your HTML page contain all of the HTML. The PHP proxy script returns JSON.

Using Flickr as a Screen Saver

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