I work with maps a lot, and always need to figure out the latitude and longitude of a point. My go-to method has been Google Maps, but it seems that the next version of Google Maps will not have this feature.

In the current version, you can right-click on the map and select “What’s here?” from the menu. It’ll then put the latitude and longitude in the search box. The new version doesn’t have a right-click menu at all (at least not the current preview version).

I wrote a little app called Spot Picker to let you quickly find the coordinates for any spot. The program is super-simple; there a “Places Autocomplete” field that lets you quickly enter the name of a place to zoom to. Or, just zoom and pan using the normal map controls. As you move your mouse over the map, the latitude and longitude appear on the banner. Once you click the map, the coordinates freeze so you can copy and paste the coordinates. That’s it!

How to Get the Coordinates of Any Point

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