It used to be the way to celebrate Valentine’s Day was to buy a Hallmark card and a box of chocolates, and call it a day. Well, add running around town in your underwear to the list. The folks at Cupid’s Undie Run have turned this charity fundraiser into the highlight of the weekend before Valentine’s. This was the forth year hordes of semi-naked runners raced around Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The short route streaked past the United States Capitol building and the Supreme Court. Runners (and walkers) were boldly asserting their rights to bare arms, bare legs, bare chests, etc etc. Lucky tourists got their routines perked up by the hundreds of folks dressed up in red and pink. A few photos below:

Pyramid by the Capitol

Yee Haw


For the Record

Cupid Invasion

Pulling It Off, Again


Three Bras and a Hat

Hooray for Cupid

You Will Believe a Man Can Fly

Red Robe


More photos via the cupid2013 tag. See also 2012 Cupid’s Undie Run in Washington.

2013 Cupid’s Undie Run

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