It really is the most wonderful time of the year when you see hundreds of Santas wandering around at Christmastime. Santarchy brings together costumed revelers to celebrate the goofy side of Christmas. In Washington, the 2012 Santarchy DC began on the National Mall. After gathering on the steps of one of the museums, the Santas migrated to the Smithsonian carousel. From there it’s off to the Ellipse and the National Christmas Tree, and then to mingle about in front of the White House. It’s there on Pennsylvania Ave that the banana-clad rabble-rousers from Bananarchy typically join the fun. Seeing the two groups merge always reminds me of the Jets and the Sharks from West Side Story. My favorite new costume this year was a man clad in a gingerbread house. Enjoy the photos below.

Elf Band

Make Believe

Christmastime Again

Twinkle Toes

Santa with a Boombox

Here Come Santa Clauses

Santa Baby

Jingle Bell Rocker

Actual Elf

Christmas in the Air

Santa and Wife

Joy to the World

Snowy White Beard

A Hat for the Season

As night fell, Santarchy turned into a bar crawl, with people following the Santarchydc Twitter account. Walking up Connecticut Ave in Dupont Circle, I ran into many more Santas on the sidewalk.

Winter Warmth

Ready for the Beach

Elf and Big Bird

Here's to Christmas

Come As You Are

More photos via the santarchy2012 tag. See photos from 2011: Christmas Characters Invade the Capital.

Ringing in Christmas with Santarchy

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