Local theatre troupe Crack treated audiences at Town to another demented night of hijinks and low comedy. For a group that describes itself as a “low-budget mess,” this production was their most polished and consistently funny.

Local DJ Shea Van Horn’s drag queen creation, Summer Camp, is the closest thing we have to Carol Burnett. (And in the photo on the right she bears a resemblance to Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trapp.) Along with co-founders Karl Jones and Chris Farris, they regularly round up some of the area’s most daring and fun-loving people to goof off on stage.

Enjoy the photos below, as a fond memory, or a taste of what you missed…

Grammar School Dropout Prettiest Girl in School School Is Hard


Singing Seduction Sis Boom Bah Equestrian Event Typical Cheerleaders Welcome to Crack High Break Out the Dance Moves The Mis-education of Miss Camp


Complete and Utter Failure Examination Frisky Student Freaky Butterfly High School Uniform Baring All for Art Little Miss Ein Stein Today's Lesson So Much to Learn


Jock Trance Everyone Do It No Need for These


Auf dem Klo Holocaust on the Dance Floor Verrückte Tanz Damen auf der Tanzfläche Go Team! Good Cheer Popularity Contest


Sieg Heil Hos Disciplinarian Disco Alle zum Tanzen Nazi Lehrerin Drama Queens Crack High Cheer Squad Let's Hear It for the Boys


Growing Up, Going Down The Boy You Adore More Than Anyone Story Time Supply and Demand Purple People Eater Healthy Bodies


Sassy Education Detention Was Never This Fun A New Asian Stereotype


Fresh from the Kitchen Needs More Salt Serving Ladies Chef's Surprise Meat Loaf Mamas Grading on a Curve Strategic Red Lantern


Raising the Temperature Bottom Chef Portion Control School's Out Forever Serving Lady Macaroni and Baloney Good for All the Bunch


A for Effort Teacher's Pet She and Mr Jones Beer 101 Oral Examinations World's Most Troubled School Growing Up, Going Down


End of the SemesterJuvenal Delinquent Alas, Poor Summer Student Mutiny Biology LessonLook at This Mess


Troubled Teen Bad Girl Summer School Failing Grades Anything for Art

Crack High

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