Local drag queen Summer Camp celebrated her fifth year of the “Summer Games,” a series of goofy contests inspired by the Olympics. Instead of Queen Elizabeth opening the London Games, we got Summer Camp wearing the flag of the United Kingdom. The Games were sponsored by Shearon Van Riggins, an amalgation of local DJs Aaron Riggins and Shea Van Horn.

Dreams Do Come True

Summer made her grand entrance riding a giant inflatable white swam across the pool at Meridian Hill Park.

Olympic Fencing

Four teams competed in the Games. The first event was magic marker fencing, where athletes tried to get as many marks as possible on the opponent’s t-shirt.

Racing with Wigs

Next up was the wig relay race. Runners had to wear a wig and pass it to their teammates for each segment.

Let the Eating Begin

The banana-eating contest was enhanced with “chips” to make the event more British, though in this case potato chips were used.

And They're Off

The three-legged race was made more interesting by making the runners wear diapers, in addition to duct-taping together the thighs of each team.

Swallowing Skills

The “dirty thirsty piggy race” required three members of each team to sit in the park with a drinkable yogurt between their legs. A fourth team member had to run to each person and gulp down the yogurt without using their hands. Oh, and they had to wear little pig-snout masks.

Think of England.

Squirt-gun bukkake isn’t yet an approved event for the official Olympics. Athletes lie on the ground holding a cup in their mouths, while their teammates hold squirt guns (or spray bottles) in their crotches, and try to get as much liquid into the cup as possible in the allotted time.

Royal Cunt

The Games were over all too soon (though on the other hand they ended just as it began to rain). Everyone had a wonderful time, athletes and spectators alike, leaving me hoping that Summer Camp has a sister named Winter.

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Olympic Games in Meridian Hill Park

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