One of the interesting abandoned places in Washington is the East Campus of St. Elizabeths Hospital. When WABA hosted a bike carnival there, I got a chance to tour the empty campus. The city is branding this large tract as St Elizabeths East, breaking it into 18 distinct parcels. My favorite building was south of the Maple Quadrangle, with a courtyard facing the street that was so overgrown with old trees and underbrush that it reminded me of Angkor Wat. The buildings remained closed, but you could explore the covered brick walkways, filled with garbage. If done right, this area could become a jewel in the city.

Angkor Wat in the City

Faded Caution

R Bldg

Fenced Off

Beyond the Trees

Behavioural Studies Bldg

Dept. of Human Services

John F. Marr Division

Boarded Up

Quiet Entrance

More photos via the StE2012aug tag.

Ghost Town in Southeast D.C.

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