Washington’s Capital Bikeshare system continues to grow, adding new stations and setting new ridership records. I took a look at their recently-released data for the second quarter of 2012.

The above chart shows daily CaBi checkouts for April, May and June. The totals for casual riders (those using 1- or 3-day memberships) are shown in pink, set atop the total for registered riders (those with monthly or annual memberships), shown in orange. Weekends are given a grey background. Notice the extreme dip in ridership on Sunday, April 22, when ridership plunged from the quarterly average of 6,295 trips to only 1,027. I overlayed the barometric pressure (via Weather Underground), showing the pressure’s biggest drop was also on the 22nd, indicating a big storm (and indeed, that day got 1.27 inches of rain).

The peak ridership was on Saturday, May 19, with 8,294 rides, the second-busiest day in the system’s history. Friday, May 18 was Bike to Work Day.

The busiest station was the one at Massachusetts Ave & Dupont Circle, both in checkouts (16,065) and check-ins (17,527). The disparity meant that 16 bikes had to be transferred from the Dupont station every day. 78% of Dupont trips were from registered users.

The most popular station with casual users was the new one at Jefferson Dr & 14th St SW, on the Mall, showing that casual users probably tend to be tourists. Casual users made 7,387 checkouts at this station, and 7,004 checkins. 75% of the Jefferson & 14th trips were from casual users.

The video below shows trip accumulation for the 3-month period. Checkouts are shown in red and checkins in green. Most stations accumulate checkins and checkouts at the same rate, so the bulk of stations have yellow, though the portion that is unbalanced will be reflected with a red or green fringe at the edge of the circle.

For a look at the 1st quarter of 2012, see Watching Bikeshare Stations Grow Unbalanced.

Fresh Data from Capital Bikeshare

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