It’s always a treat to see Baltimore’s creative community in action. Artscape is a weekend of artistic madness that takes over several streets. I took the MARC train to Penn Station, which is right next to the festival; you can see the Ferris Wheel as the train approaches the Charles Street bridge. At last year’s Artscape I was introduced to the awesomeness that is the Baltimore Rock Opera Society; thank the Party God they returned, this time with their Monster World show. The highlight of the show was seeing Mr Boh (the mascot of National Bohemian beer) brought to life, and then seduced by a giant bag of Utz potato chips (recalling Smyth Jewelers’ iconic billboard of Mr Boh proposing to the Utz girl). But the most astoundingly absurd piece of imaginative theatre was the AutoSpa. Organized by a group of artists from Pittsburgh, the 15-minute experience required three people to enter a car which was driven into a tent, where actors treated the car to “an entire body treatment.”

The Iron Lady
“Face Forward” robotic head, by Christian Ristow

Relaxing at Home
Stephen Matthew Booth in his Roadside Attraction

Swan Lake
Two men in tutus at the entrance to the Autospa

Natty Boh on Stage
Mr Boh on stage with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society

Pink Art
Detail of one of the Art Cars

What Cute Teeth You Have
Moloch’s Midway and Cabinet of Infernal Mysteries

Lights Going Round
The Ferris Wheel

Out-of-Control Rock-'n'-Roll
Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s “Monster World”

More photos via the Artscape2012 tag. (See also Artscape2011.)

The MARC Penn Line train is a great resource for folks to travel from Washington, DC, to Baltimore. Even with 7 stops in-between, the trip takes only an hour. Sadly, there is only one express trip each day, which leaves at 7:20am, arriving 37 minutes later. What’s worse is that MARC runs only on weekdays. On weekends your only train choice is Amtrak, which charges between $16 and $40 for a one-way ticket (fastest time 32 min), or as low as $11 if you buy weeks in advance. A one-way MARC ticket is only $7.

Artscape was definitely worth a day trip from DC. And a trip to Baltimore is always good for getting some new portraits:

Baltimore Portrait Tie-Dye on the Bridge Dark Sunglasses Cabin Boy Enjoy the Show Captain Will City Slicker Artistic Gravity

Artscape Artifying the Landscape of Baltimore

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