I have over 44,000 geotagged photos on my Flickr account, most of which are in the Washington, DC region. But Flickr doesn’t let me see their distribution, limiting me to 200 photos at a time in the Organizer, and even fewer on my map. My custom-made heat map (below) shows the total photos without having to page. Because my photos in Dupont Circle are so numerous as to dwarf other areas, I used a two-tone heat map switching gradients at 1% of the highest square. Overall there are 35,377 photos from MVJantzen in this map.

Here’s a zoomed-in version, this time with a two-tone split at 4%.

I ran the same program, but for the DCist group rather than my MVJantzen account (and back to a 1% split). The group has 136,031 photos, but only 27,047 have been geotagged (within this map). Their general distribution isn’t too different than my own, but their densest square seems to be in Penn Quarter.

Here’s a closer look at the DCist heat map, using a 4% split:

Because each map needs 2,744 separate calls to Flickr (one for each square on the 56-by-49 grid), it is not practical to make this application available to the public, though in theory it could be automated.

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Custom Flickr Maps for Users and Groups

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