Like everyone else on the planet, I saw the Avengers super-hero movie, and liked it enough to look forward to the inevitable sequel. But as a long-time (albeit former) reader of The Avengers comic books, I have a list of things I want to see in the sequel.

I want Ultron. The post-credits sequence brought the villainous Thanos into the storyline, but the super-villain I want to see is Ultron. His origin’s connection to Henry Pym and the Vision would provide a narrative foundation for the next movie. His patented encephalo-ray makes for dramatic comic-book panels, but is a bit problematic because he has to keep missing or else it’s game over (victims become brain dead). The Avengers don’t really have any other iconic adversaries. No one wants to see Kang the Conqueror or Immortus in a movie. Once Marvel gets the movie rights for the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, they can pit the Avengers against Dr Doom or Magneto, which would be fun.

I want the Avengers Quinjet. The Avengers can’t fly commercial airlines, and they need to cover the globe, if not beyond. They need their own aircraft, instead of relying on a borrowed plane from SHIELD.

I want the Avengers Mansion. They need a home base. The Fantastic Four have the Baxter Building, and the X-Men have their dorms at Charles Xavier’s mansion/school. The Avengers Mansion is more like a club house; sometimes the only full-time resident is Jarvis, the English butler. The Iron Man movies have appropriated the Jarvis name for a computer, but he needs to be transitioned back into human form. The best feature of the mansion is the conference room, where each super-hero gets a chair with their own logo on it, and a giant computer screen projects images of the latest disaster.

I want Yellowjacket and the Wasp. If Spider-Man is an A-level character, and Iron Man a B-level character, then Yellowjacket and the Wasp are C-level characters, if that. But they have a long history with the team, and provide continuity for the series. Marvel has been toying with producing an Ant-Man movie; that super-hero is the first alter ego of scientist Henry Pym. Later, he would use his shrinking/growing powers to become Giant Man, before settling on shrinking into insect-seized Yellowjacket. He turns his wife into the Wasp, so the villains now have two tiny insects buzzing around them and stinging them.

I want The Vision. The red-skinned synthezoid is the most iconic team member without his own comic book series. With his yellow cape and ghostly powers, he is often the visual centerpiece of the Avengers. Hollywood tends to tone down colorful costumes and clad everyone in black leather; they need to stay true to the Vision‘s design (and ignore John Byrne’s disastrous all-white version). Marvel’s Vision plays an analogous role to the Martian Manhunter in DC’s Justice League, but is a much more successful and interesting character.

I want to get rid of The Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury and SHIELD. The Hulk and the Black Widow simply don’t belong with this group. The Hulk was the break-out (and surprise) star of the movie, but the big guy is more effective in small doses. The Black Widow got a good treatment in the movie, excepting all those awkward moments where she has guns in her hands, but she’s too independent to stay with a group for long. Having Nick Fury and SHIELD in the series makes the Avengers look like government tools instead of the outsiders they should be.

Oh, and I want them to move up the sequel’s release date, rumored for 2015. The Captain America sequel is scheduled for April 2014, and it would take a miracle for the next Avengers to appear within a few months of that movie.

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What I Want from the Avengers Sequel

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