Crack came back with another assault on the city’s sense of taste and decorum. The misfit theatre troupe put on a show called “Anything Goes,” six months after they romped through Town with Crack High. With drag queens, skits, and comedy, it’s the closest we get to vaudeville in DC. The high point was an irreverent medley from Sister Act that was fearless and fun. The photos below are just a sample of the show’s mix of misfits.

Mother and Baby
Summer Camp and friends

Ghoul Gone Wild
Heidi Glüm

Whoa, Nelly
Pussy Noir and her horse

Explosion of Weirdness
Ivana Caulk

Free at Last
The birth of Jesus

Catholicism Is a Drag
Nuns singing and dancing

I Will Follow Him
Bare-breasted nun

Shake It Up
Sunrize Highway

Get That on Film
Videotaping Summer Camp

More pix vie the crack2012jun tag.

Offensive Attack on Washington

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