Wonderland Ballroom has an annual tradition that is the highlight of spring in Columbia Heights. The Sundress Party (or Sundress Fest) held last Sunday invited men (and women) to don sundresses in exchange for happy hour prices. A catwalk competition on the picnic tables offered a chance to take home bragging rights. The atmosphere was festive, giddy, and just a bit subversive. Some guys borrowed a girlfriend’s dress (if they fit), and others took pride in having shopped for the perfect outfit. The tavern also had a rack of available dresses. A few guys went all out and added wigs, makeup, and heels, but most just threw on a breezy dress and acted casual. See for yourself with the following photos.

Everything's on the Table

Wild and Crazy

Something Funny's Going On

True Bromance

Caught on Tape

Best Seat in the House

Wild for the Child

Coordinated Routine

Woman of the Year

Making It Happen

More photos from the event via the sundress2012 tag. (See also sundress2011 and sundress2009.)

2012 Wonderland Sundress Party

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