Last Saturday, Arlington’s Artisphere became the setting for Countdown to Yuri’s Night, an annual event honoring the first man in space. The featured attraction was the “Burlesque Space Show,” with 4 burlesque performers squeezed into a staged Star Trek parody. If you ever wanted to see Lieutenant Uhura take it all off, this was your big chance. The hero of the play was Drinkbot, a robot in the image of Klaus Nomi, with a supply of beers stored in his chest. The evening also featured two terrific bands, the otherworldly Atomic Mosquitos and party band Eastern Standard Time. Other entertainments included the Death Star Drill Team, a live-action game of tetris, a moonbounce, and an art show. The highlight of the costume contest was a man in drag as Yuri’s elderly mother. A spirit of geeky, nerdy fun made it almost as memorable as a trip into orbit.

Disco on the Death Star

Moon Bouncers

Lieutenant Uhura

Shaking, Not Stirred

The Score

Alien Drag

Prowling Rosslyn

More photos via the yn2012 tag.

Sci-Fi Festivities for Yuri’s Night

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