After the Silver Line, the region’s next big transit project will be the Purple Line. The MTA is aiming for completion in 2020. I’ve modified my animated KML for the Metrorail system to include the Purple Line:

You will need Google Earth to view the KML file. When it opens, click on the tiny “play” button on the time slider that appears over the map. An easy way to zoom to the Purple Line is to double-click its entry in the Places navigation panel. First open the entry for “Metro with Purple and Silver Lines,” then open the “Lines” folder, and you’ll see entries for each line.

Though the Purple Line route isn’t 100% finalized yet, I used the most likely route. Like the other lines, I connect stations with straight lines, so the exact route has been simplified. And while the route will be integrated with Metro’s existing system, it will implement light rail rather than heavy rail, which always has right-of-way, going under or over other traffic. The four stations where it connects with the Red, Green, and Orange lines will probably be near but not physically within the existing Metrorail stations. But for the sake of simplicity, the map uses the Metrorail stations as the locations for those four stations. They are planning for 6-minute headways between trains, so the animation reflects that frequency.

For a map of just the Silver Line addition, see Visualizing the Silver Line, and for only the existing 5 lines, see Animating Metro with KML and Google Earth.

Animating Metro’s Purple Line

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