Groundhog Day was given a new local tradition in Washington, DC, with a ceremony held in Dupont Circle. The folks behind Dupont Festival got elected officials to don top hats on a misty winter morning, gathering around a stuffed groundhog donated by Miss Pixie’s. For good measure there was also a groundhog puppet nearby. Council member Jacks Evens mysteriously declared “Potomac Phil” had seen his shadow, dooming us to six more weeks of winter, though I swear there were no shadows to be seen, as the photos can attest.

Glamourous Life

The Debut of Potomac Phil

Raccoon and Groundhog

Puppet and Master

Interview with the Woodchuck

No Evil Here

LOL Groundhogz

Groundhog Cookies

For more photos from the 2012 event, follow the groundhog2012 tag.

Groundhog Day in Dupont Circle

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