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The Citi Bike Mapper application shows all of the new bikesharing stations in New York City. Like the official Citi Bike station map, my version plots markers across a map of the city. But to make it easier to gauge how full or empty a station is, I write the totals across each marker.

Whether you care more about avoiding empty stations or full stations depends on whether you’re planning to check in or out. So, to de-clutter the screen, you can select to show only the number of bikes or docks at each station. You can also show this as a percentage of total slots. Use the “wordy” check box to shorten the markers to just numbers. Or, another option lets you display just the name of each station.

The color or each bubble will always indicate how full or empty the station is, ranging from blue for empty to red for full. Shades of purple are used for proportions in-between. » Continue Reading…

Mapping Citi Bikes