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dccabiI love biking and mapping, so any chance to play with geo-spatial bike data usually results in a new little bike-data-mapping application. My latest analytical tool was made using Capital Bikeshare‘s data for the Washington, DC region. The CaBi Trip Visualizer uses the data from 2012’s 3rd quarter (the most recently-available) to create an interactive map. When you select a station, arrows point to the stations that most trips go to or come from. (See A Closer Look at Bikeshare Data for more details, and Looking at CaBi Stats with a Bubble Map for a different method of visual analysis.)

Hovering over an arrow or the station it points to displays a window showing the trips made between the two stations. The difference between the two directions is the “unbalancedness,” also shown as a percent of the total.

bostonhubwayI wanted to see how challenging it would be to adjust the program for bike-sharing systems in other cites, though Capital Bikeshare is the only one I’ve ever used. I looked at web sites for Paris’s VĂ©lib’, London’s Barclays Cycle Hire, and Denver B-cycle, but couldn’t find any links for open data.

Boston’s Hubway doesn’t post trip data on their web site, but the Hubway Data Visualization Challenge made available data from a 14-month period (July 28, 2011 to October 1, 2012). Though the contest has ended, I created my Hubway Trip Visualizer. » Continue Reading…

p2012Use this tool to generate a collage of the photos from 2012 with the highest “interestingness” ratings. Not necessarily the same as “best,” but it’ll have to do. This is of course Flickr’s signature algorithm based on a photo’s views, faves, comments, and such. It’s nice at least to have some algorithm use the same ranking systems for all of the photos out there. Step 1 for finding The Best Photos of 2012 is going to the Configuration Panel, where you can enter a user or group to search (or leave blank for all of Flickr), or search by tags, or regions. And the program lets you pick the number of photos to display per month, and the size.

Be prepared for a bit of a wait as the server script has to make twelve separate calls to the Flickr API before delivering your results. If you like, you can save the resulting HTML for faster sharing with friends. To go further back in time, try digging up The Best Photos of 2011.

The Best Photos of 2012