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At around 11:30 on election night, I started hearing honks and cheers coming from U Street. Four years ago I stayed home during the spontaneous street party, somehow thinking it would not go on for so long. So this year I headed out to see what was happening.

Making Noise

I first went to 14th & U, where police had closed entry to the 1300 block of U St. There were groups of people celebrating, and occasionally a big cheer would erupt when someone approached holding up an Obama poster. » Continue Reading…

Sunday was made more fabulous by the hundreds of stylish cyclists who participated in the 2012 Tweed Ride. The streets were home to a parade of retro fashions and vintage accessories. Even some of the bikes were handsome antiques. The starting point was Franklin Square, which looked like a costume party, recreating a splendid autumn afternoon in 1912. Downtown D.C. is quiet on weekends, meaning less traffic for the gentle riders to compete with. A few photos from this leisurely event:

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Taking to Tweed, Then the Streets

Alarmed by Mitt Romney’s proposal to end PBS’s federal subsidy, fans of PBS organized the Million Puppet March. Dozens of supporters came armed with their own puppets and held a rally by the Capitol Reflecting Pool. There was a mix of store-bought Muppets and other home-made creations, and at least one marionette for good measure. Some photos from the event:

Jumping Creature
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Puppets Try Pulling the Strings

It’s been said that Halloween is Christmas for gay people. I’d further suggest that the annual High Heel Race is NASCAR for gay people. This year was the 26th annual drag race, delayed two days due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Only a few blocks long, the race itself is over in minutes, running down 17th Street from R Street to P Street. The show begins two to three hours beforehand as the drag queens parade up and down the street. After the race, the crowds flood the street, vying for photo ops with their favorite drag queens and other costumed characters. Below are photos of my favorite moments.

Extreme Arts & Crafts
f/6.3, 1/40, 6400 ISO, 50 mm
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