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At around 11:30 on election night, I started hearing honks and cheers coming from U Street. Four years ago I stayed home during the spontaneous street party, somehow thinking it would not go on for so long. So this year I headed out to see what was happening.

Making Noise

I first went to 14th & U, where police had closed entry to the 1300 block of U St. There were groups of people celebrating, and occasionally a big cheer would erupt when someone approached holding up an Obama poster. » Continue Reading…

“This is my first scandal.” That was the opening statement of monologist Mike Daisey’s talk at Georgetown University, sponsored by the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor. One night after his hit show, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” closed in New York, and only three days after This American Life issued a retraction of Daisey’s appearance back in January, he came to Washington, DC to tell his story. Or, more precisely, to retell his story. (The audio is now on his site: Georgetown Talk.)

His appearance was titled “A Hammer With Which To Shape It: Art and the Human Voice in the Global Labor Struggle,” but no subject could be more exigent than his own story, his fall from grace after the details of his story were fact-checked. Foreign correspondent Rob Schmitz was skeptical of Daisey’s claims, and went so far as to interview the translator Daisey used during his trip to China. American Life‘s host Ira Glass played snippets of the translator’s counter-claims on the same show where Daisey bravely returned to respond to Glass’s charges of having been lied to. It was a brutal program, but fascinating. » Continue Reading…

Mike Daisey Comes Clean

Yoga ShopFormer spa now Tranquil Space Labs (1632 17th St): Crafty Use of Yoga Studio Tranquil Space Labs plans to provide a new home for off-the-mat and off-the-wall ideas.

Bethesda Bagels now open in former Johnny Rockets (1718 Connecticut Ave).

Deli coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave next summer: DGS Delicatessen to Open in Dupont Circle.

Irish Whiskey Public House coming to 1807 19th St: Irish Whiskey Set to Open in Dupont in Early January.

That was Fast – Cosi Reopens in Dupont (1350 Connecticut Ave).

Rubble in the CongoState Department To Republic Of Congo: Rip Up Embassy Driveway; Embassy complied: Neighborhood concrete problems get fixed, Fixing Up Embassy, Congo Republic Raises Hackles in Capital.

Dupont Circle resident fined $2,000: DC Resident Fined Thousands For Not Recycling Cat Litter. » Continue Reading…

Dupont Circle Roundup: Dec 22, 2011